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Due to technical difficulties this blog has had to be discontinued, and future posts by S & C can now be found at:  http://carmg.blogspot.com

See you there!

New Ship Family - outing part 2

After the wildlife park we went to the house of a South African family who know us from Durban. What a treat! They put out a feast for us, including a genuine Aussie barbeque.

Manna from Hong Kong, made fast friends with the South African aunties:

We had lots of time to relax in the garden and in the house - really refreshing!

 (with Hye Jung and Hansol from South Korea)
And then, on the way back to the ship, we had a quick stopover at the beach, which was beautiful and fun too.
It was Tessa's first time to "walk" on the sand.. and to taste the sand :(

New Ship Family

We have a new "K-group" - a family group on the ship. 14 singles plus the three of us - quite a big family! And 13 of the singles are very new on the ship, they only arrived in September. This is a good way to get to know them though. We meet once a week for coffee, but also to celebrate birthdays etc. Last week we arranged an outing together.
Here's the group, minus 4 of us who couldn't come:

Typically of the ship, all five continents are represented in the group and the specific countries are:
Brazil, US, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK

We went to a wild-life park in the morning.
We touched koalas.. but not this one - he was fast asleep in the tree. Very relaxed :)

And everyone got little buckets of food to feed the kangaroos, llamas and deer.

There were a lot of young kangaroos in their pouches. Comical to see their (rather large) feet hanging out of the pouch:

Some of the group did the snake-handling thing at the end:

.... more from our outing in the next post.

Saying cheese

These photos are so interesting to me. Apart from the fact that Tessa is pulling herself up and cruising around the furniture.. she also has two completely different 'smiles'... funny hey?


9 months old!

Yesterday was Tessa's 9 month 'birthday' - she's now been out in the world, just as long as she was growing inside the womb. And she keeps amazing us: crawling, pulling herself up on furniture, reaching for everything and chuckling and smiling. She is a dear... despite the occasional late-night traumas :)

This picture is from 2 weeks ago:


A City Walk

I really enjoy exploring new places with Tessa in the stroller and my camera in hand. We've been so fortunate as the last couple of ports have been close to city centres and easy to walk around in. In Sydney I spotted a row of older looking houses from the ship and one afternoon we climbed the hill to find out what they were.
The area is called Miller's Point, and it borders the even older area of Argyle Street which was also fun to discover. Argyle Street has some of the oldest buildings in Sydney... from the first days of European settlement.
But first Miller's Point and the houses which caught my eye. The street is called 'High Street':

A detail from one of the houses:

After coming up from High Street and rounding the corner into Argyle.. we looked back at this great view of our ship:

And spotted this smart pair, who added to the 'retro' atmosphere:

The Lord Nelson - Sydney's oldest hotel, according to the sign:

This bright door caught my eye on the way back to the ship along Kent Street... 

... and then suddenly we were back in the modern CBD.


Would it be nice or not?

I've been wondering.. maybe this is a crazy thought.. but what could it be like not to have anything on my "to-do" list?
I don't mean the ordinary daily things which have to be done, but the list of projects like: writing our family newsletter; filing photographs from 2006 and 2007; unpacking the boxes stored in Tessa's cabin; fixing the hole in that cheap pair of trousers.. and on it goes.

Most days I don't even touch any of these necessary things, yet they all need to be done sometime.. and while life goes on they seem to hover in the background .. casting a bit of a shadow sometimes. And on the rare and momentous occasion that one item on the list is completed, there always seems to be another to take its place. I would love to simplify my life, to fully live in the moment, and not have thoughts wandering back to the little mountain of the 'un-done'.

I wonder what it would feel like to have it all ticked off, finished, and nothing more than today's tasks to think about?

Would I be bored?!


A Beautiful Day

Seelan has most Mondays off, but if we stay on the ship he can all too easily be drawn into something work-related. It is much more for refreshing for him (and me!) to get away for the day. It doesn't always happen, but one Monday in Sydney it did, and it was a wonderful day. The weather was perfect, the plan was simple: relax, and the company was the best!  Antony and Sabine spoiled us with an Aussie "barbie" and showed us around their little corner of the world. They have a great deal as caretakers at a surf club - they get to live right on the beach and enjoy these views each day.

This is right outside their window:

S and A have both been on the ship with us in the past, and also worked on our sister-ship for some years, before getting married and moving back to Antony's home country, Australia:

A perfect day for each of us - I got my taste of history looking at the old photos inside the surf club:

We enjoyed a walk along the coast, and took lots of pictures. This is one of my favourites:

Catching up on our Vitamin D :)


... and working off lunch in the park.

Tessa was very happy with Antony:

Here she goes!

Tessa is getting so active! She is wobbling around on hands and knees now.. and when she has a goal in sight, she can scramble forward to get to it.
These photos are from two weeks ago:


Remind me again...

Eleanor Roosevelt said: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent". I've adapted it a little to remind myself: "Nothing can spoil your day / mood / attitude without your consent". 

This weekend I was tested on that point again. After a frustrating beef-cooking experiment (result: too close to leather); a washing machine which flooded the laundry and nose colds all round.. I felt really unimpressed and sarcastic. And then I remembered that I get to choose how I react to the circumstances around me. It wasn't easy, but a little mental shake and a look at the big picture made my little disapppointments look small indeed. And when I started to count my blessings on top of that... how can I grumble?!

Now please can I remember this next time, and spare myself (and my husband and friends) from a bad mood!